Citizen, arm thyself

by wfgodbold

Ashtabula county, the largest in Ohio, is having such severe financial problems that their sheriff’s department has let go nearly two-thirds of the deputies.  A judge in the area recommends that citizens arm themselves and keep in touch with their neighbors in case they have to defend themselves.

The money problems also mean that criminals are on a waiting list to serve time in jail.

The judge’s advice is sound; even if the county didn’t have a serious cash flow problem, the US Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no duty to protect any individual.  Your safety is your responsibility.

With the recent reports of the Mexican government’s war on the drug cartels becoming more violent and in some cases crossing the border in to the US, and illegal aliens murdering US citizens, the importance of self-sufficiency is obvious.  The police are there to catch criminals after they have committed their crime; there are too many people in the US and too few officers for them to protect the entire populace at all times.


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