Rifle update

by wfgodbold

In celebration of Buy a Gun Day, I thought I would post a progress report on the AR-15 style rifle I’m slowly putting together.


Lower receiver and parts


That’s one of the stripped Spike’s Tactical lower receivers I purchased before, along with olive drab green Magpul furniture and a CMMG lower parts kit.  The magazine is a C-products 25 round 6.8 mm SPC magazine, and the stock is a Magpul Utility Battle Rifle stock.

I haven’t ordered the upper receiver or parts yet, but I am leaning towards a complete upper from Bison Armory; probably with a 20″ barrel (that way if I decide that I’d rather have an 18″ barrel, I can have it cut down and rethreaded; it’s hard to do that if you want to go from 18″ to 20″).

I’ll most likely try to assemble the lower receiver this weekend; according to the internet, it shouldn’t be too difficult (and if you read something on the internet, it must be true!).


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