Stop the presses! Corruption at the UN!

by wfgodbold

Apparently it is big news to some people that the UN workers sent to help Haitian earthquake recovery efforts are spending most of their budget on themselves instead of the Haitians.

Hasn’t the United Nations always been corrupt?  For that matter, hasn’t any government?

Changing the people in power doesn’t change much; too much of the corruption is entrenched in the ever-growing bureaucracies.  That isn’t likely to change any time soon; in the midst of the current recession, public sector employees are living large compared to their private sector counterparts.

Government is necessary; it is not necessary that it intrude onto every aspect of our lives.  But when they proudly announce that over 8000 regulations are written every year for more than 300 federal agencies, it becomes impossible for anyone to keep up with what is regulated and what is not.

The bureaucracy must be brought to heel; if it cannot be, then, as Cato the Elder would say, “Procuratio delenda est!”


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