Discovering sous vide

by wfgodbold

My friend Ryan sent me a link to an article on how to do low temperature vacuum cooking in the comfort of your own home, with nothing more expensive than a plastic beer cooler.

I tried it out last night, and again today, and it the method described worked really well; the steaks I cooked were juicy and tender, and cleanup was super easy.

Both steaks were inexpensive cuts.  The first I put in a ziploc bag with seasoned pepper, salt, and a few pieces of chopped leek; the second went in a bag with garlic pepper, salt, and a few pieces of diced pineapple.

The steak with leeks turned out better, I thought.  The seasoned pepper and leeks combined with the tenderness and juiciness of the steak made it one of the best steaks I think I’ve ever had.  The steak with pineapple chunks was okay, but they didn’t do as well as the leeks did in improving the flavor of the dish.  I probably should have tried bell peppers or something like that instead of pineapple, but the pineapple was already chopped and in the fridge.

Cooking this way was easy; just heat the water up to a few degrees over the temp you want to cook your meat at, then pour it into the cooler and add the ziploc bag that has the meat in it.  Let it sit for an hour or so and it’s done!  I seared it in a pan afterwards, and that was the only thing I had to clean.  I threw the bag in the trash and let the cooler dry, and that was it.

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