What I’m reading now

by wfgodbold

I finished Anton Strout’s newest addition to his series about Simon Canderous, pyschometer extraordinaire, earlier today.  It was enjoyable, but no work of highbrow fiction.  I’m also a bit over halfway into Lindsey Davis’s second Marcus Didius Falco novel and maybe a quarter of the way through A Mighty Fortress by David Weber.

The Falco book is good, but I’m just not really in the mood for a mystery novel at the moment.  Davis really does a great job making the Roman Empire come alive.

The latest Safehold novel is okay, I guess.  I’m really starting to think that Weber only has a few different ideas, and is starting to run out.  It has the token character who is practically immortal, ship battles (actual ocean-going navy battles this time), overbearing centralized religion, and political maneuvering.

I don’t really have a problem with that; it’s his schtick, and he does it well.  On the other hand, this series is essentially Horatio Hornblower on Pardal, instead of in space.  In both cases, human society has had to abandon technology and has institutionalized a church to keep them from becoming too advanced.  In Heirs of Empire, the super-advanced long-lived characters sided with independent highlanders prone to doctrinal disagreement with the church, fought land battles, caused a schism, and took out the main headquarters of the church.  In the Safehold series, the super-advanced long-lived character allies with independent sea-going merchantmen prone to doctrinal disagreement with the church, they fight naval battles, form a competing branch of the church (hell, one of the books is even titled By Schism Rent Asunder), and are (at the point I’m at in the series, at least) engaging in a global naval campaign to try to break the temporal stranglehold the church has on the planet.  It seems like he enjoyed the premise he set up in Heirs of Empire, and decided to redo it writ large.

I may set both of those aside for now and read VDH’s newest, or one of the other books Amazon recently delivered.  I have quite a bit to work through.

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