More rifle stuff

by wfgodbold

Well, since the last update, I have yet to order a complete upper receiver.  Instead, I looked in to ammunition prices and saw that 6.8 mm SPC cartridges are roughly 3-4x more expensive than 5.56 mm NATO cartridges, and so I ordered some standard caliber AR-15 magazines; I could then shoot the 5.56 mm weapon cheaper and save money.  The 5.56 mm barrel is also the right diameter for shooting .22 LR rounds; a cheap conversion kit and a few magazines would let me shoot for 3-4 cents per round instead of 23 cents per round (5.56 mm) or 85 cents per round (6.8 mm SPC).

Anyway, I checked Silver State Armory‘s page today, and they’ve come out with their cheap plinking round for 6.8 mm SPC rifles; it’s only 35 cents per round.  This still isn’t quite as economical as .22 or 5.56 mm ammo is, but it’s a lot better than it was before.

What I may end up doing is getting a carbine upper chambered in 5.56 mm first, and then later getting a rifle length upper in 6.8 mm SPC.

They say black rifle disease is bad, but I had no idea how bad it would be.  I don’t even have my first rifle built yet, and I’m trying to figure out how to build the second.

Update:  It turns out that I misread SSA’s page, and what I thought was their cheap plinking round is actually just the bullet, not the entire cartridge.  Since I don’t have any reloading equipment, that doesn’t do me any good.


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