They’re called *illegal* immigrants for a reason

by wfgodbold

CNN is trying to stir up sympathy for Jessica Colotl, a college student (how that happened, I have no idea).  They paint her in a good light even in the headline: “Undocumented student’s arrest called part of civil rights disaster.”

Per that article, she was arrested for not having a driver’s license and giving a false address to the arresting officer; her only identification was an expired passport (from Mexico).  Driving without a license is illegal (or is she just an ‘undocumented’ driver?); giving false information is apparently against Georgia law; and finally, an alien who is in the United States without a green card or a visa is BREAKING THE LAW.

Countries are entitled to define who is allowed to enter and leave, and who is allowed to immigrate; in the modern world, it has always been thus.  Congress has laid out the method for legal immigration, and decide as a matter of policy how many people are allowed to immigrate.  No one has the right to force themselves upon our country, but that is what Colotl’s defenders are claiming is a civil right.

The only reason this is in the news at all is because of the passage of the recent Arizona law, which essentially copy-pasted federal immigration law into the state code.  The US attorney general, Eric Holder, gave us his opinion on the law (that he has not read); just like his boss did when Prof. Gates was arrested last year.

I am perfectly willing to hold forth on subjects with which I am unacquainted with the details; perhaps I have a future in government.

As far as Jessica Colotl is concerned; put her on a plane back to Mexico and send her to the back of the line.  If she really wants to immigrate, she should go through the system like thousands of people do; according to wikipedia (stalwart bastion of reliable information that it is), the US accepts more immigrants (legally) than all other countries in the world.  Combined.

Allowing unchecked illegal immigration is an affront to all those legal immigrants who followed the law as it is written, and trying to excuse illegal aliens by disguising their status as “undocumented” is unacceptable.


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