I had a brilliant and thoughtful post all planned out

by wfgodbold

In my head, anyway; but instead of posting it immediately, I thought I would get to it later, and now I have no idea what it was.

I really should have written it down.

Instead, I’ll talk about video games.  Xseed Games announced that they are going to localize 6 PSP games for Nihon Falcom: Ys 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Ys Seven, and Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 1-3.

Trails in the Sky is a traditional JRPG series (I own the Japanese PC release of the first installment, and the PSP releases of all 3); it has turned based battles, optional sidequests for money/experience, and a weird crystal socketing magic system.  The music is pretty good; I especially like the jazzy battle music.

Ys (pronounced like ease, but with a softer s) I & II Chronicles is yet another rerelease/remake of Falcom’s celebrated series; in the first game, red-headed adventurer Adol Christin is found shipwrecked and after recovering, investigates the mysteries of vanished Ys and its twin patron goddesses.  Ys II picks up immediately following Ys I, and gives Adol the ability to use magic attacks (in addition to his regular attack: colliding with the enemy).  Both of these games are excellent, and the PSP version has redone the music (yet again).  The music when Adol leaves the people who nursed him back to health and heads out into the unknown is one of my favorite tracks; followed closely by another rocking track from Ys II.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana originally came out for the PC not long after Ys VI; it is in fact a remake of Ys III using the Ys VI engine.  Adol and his sidekick Dogi return to Dogi’s homeland, only to find it overrun by monsters.  Much drama ensues, culminating in the resurrection of a dark god; Adol must slash, jump, and cast his way to victory through a variety of locales; snow-capped mountains, ruins, mines, and even the local castle.

Ys Seven gives Adol something he’s never had before: party members.  During battle, you can switch on the fly to control any of Adol’s companions; Dogi is back, and he is joined by a number of new characters; at any one time, you can switch between Adol and two others.  This game does away with the jumping from Ys VI and Felghana, and replaces it with damage classes.  Adol, the swordsman, does slashing damage; Dogi’s punches do blunt damage; the archer character does piercing.  Different monsters will be weak to different types of damage and resistant to the rest, so the player must switch between party members to do the most damage.  Falcom continues to provide excellent music in this installment, as well.

I don’t know if I’ll buy these when they’re released here; I do already own them for PSP in Japanese, and in some cases, for PC as well.  If I can get them on sale, though, I may bite the bullet to support Xseed games and encourage them to bring out other Falcom games.

They could make the decision a lot easier by including soundtrack CDs with the games like Falcom does; one can never have too much music from Ys!


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