And the truth comes out

by wfgodbold

It turns out that when he’s giving an interview (instead of remonstrating against the Arizona immigration law), Mexican president Felipe Calderon doesn’t have nearly the progressive immigration views regarding his own country as he does regarding the US.

If you want to walk across the southern border to Mexico, you have to fill out a form, and they check to ensure that you aren’t a criminal.

If you don’t have papers, they send you out of the country.

Truly, this Arizona immigration law is the first of its kind, and is a horrible affront to the sensibilities of all right-thinking people.

Especially since sending people across the border to work here and send money back to Mexico is an essential part of their economy.

It is impossible to be ironic in a world where Iran is involved in advancing women’s rights, Cuba denounces the US for its oppressive laws, and the mayor of Chicago threatens to shoot a reporter to prove the effectivess of its gun ban.


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