I don’t understand how I missed this

by wfgodbold

They’re making a Solomon Kane movie!

Or rather, they already have, and it’s already come out in Europe, with an American release to follow this summer.  James Purefoy plays Robert E. Howard’s brooding Puritan swordsman, and if the trailer is any indication, he does a great job.

He might not be as famous as Conan or Krull, but Solomon Kane’s struggles against the forces of darkness made for great pulp short stories.

The film is slated to be the first in a trilogy, and it’s been well-reviewed; hopefully it will make enough money to justify making the second and third films, so that we can see more than just Solomon Kane’s origin story.

Speaking of origin stories, Ridley Scott’s latest film spent its 2.5 hour length telling us how Robin Hood became an outlaw, instead of the interesting things he did as an outlaw (no archery competition, no defeating the evil sheriff, and very little stealing taxes from John).  Russell Crowe did a masterful job portraying himself, and the audience was given the chance to see him fighting in two more countries.

The summer blockbusters for the most part don’t look too promising; the Prince of Persia movie will probably be okay, but I’m really looking forward to the A-Team film and the Expendables.

Nothing says summer movie like gratuitous gunfights and explosions, and both of those movies are sure to deliver.


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