I haven’t read it yet

by wfgodbold

But if it’s anything like the first one, Monster Hunter Vendetta (dead tree copy on order (hence my not having read it)) should be an enjoyable read.  Plenty of guns, monsters, guns, fights, guns, and action for anyone!

And while I haven’t forked over the clams for the electronic advance copy of this book, I did purchase the electronic edition of Monster Hunter International when Baen first released it.  I’ve read it at least three times on my iPhone using Stanza, and while it’s no great American novel, it’s a fine addition to the genre (that genre being pulp action fantasy/sf, of course).

The nice thing about Baen’s Webscription service is that none of the books are encrypted with DRM.  In fact, after purchasing one, you can choose which format to download it in (kindle, stanza, microsoft reader, sony reader, rtf, html, or ebookwise); I have the stanza format books on my iPhone and the html versions on my netbook.  The variety of formats ensures that you can read it on just about anything; iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or Nook.

If you’re on the fence, head over to their aptly named Free Library and see for yourself.

The only thing that I would like more is if there were some way to get an electronic copy of the Baen books I already own physical copies of.


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