Top Shot starts tonight

by wfgodbold

On the History Channel!

Hulu has an 11 minute extended preview; before watching it, I wasn’t sure if I would watch the show, but now I am.

On a less serious note, Tucker and Dale vs Evil looks hilarious, and if it does as good a job spoofing the genre as Shaun of the Dead did, should be worth seeing.

The A-Team movie comes out this Friday, and from the previews, it looks good.  That doesn’t mean they won’t totally screw it up, though.

American Tactical Imports announced on arfcom that the .22 caliber GSG 1911 should be shipping to distributors (now that they have finally gotten them from Germany).  If I can find one, I might have to buy it, since 22 LR ammo is super cheap compared to everything else.

The latest addition to Taylor Anderson’s Destroyermen series arrived on my stoop Friday.  I haven’t started it yet, but if it’s like the first 3 books, it should be a good read.

Sixty-six years ago today, the liberation of France began.

Those who sacrificed will never be forgotten.


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