Congress is playing bad cop again

by wfgodbold

It seems that’s all they do lately; ToyotaApple (though they didn’t show up when summoned), and BP have all been called to testify before that august body.

While I don’t condone BP’s negligence regarding the massive oil spill in the gulf, I do think that the posturing done by the government and the press is way out of line.  Oil is where it is, and you can’t drill for it where it’s not.  Congress in its infinite wisdom has decreed that drilling in shallow water and in ANWR is verboten; in response, the oil companies have followed the oil deposits out into deep water, where drilling was allowed.

They did this in pursuit of the almighty dollar, not out of any sense of charity.  That’s the same reason farmers grow corn, ranchers raise cattle, or Toyota builds cars.  These items are necessary, but they are not made from hopes and dream, but from people working to make a profit.  If Toyota lost money on every car they made, they’d go out of business.

Oil, and our dependence on it, makes the luxury we in the west have grown accustomed to possible.  The president spoke of our “century long addiction to fossil fuels;” if we are addicted to oil, you could say that we are also addicted to food, water, and air.

Petroleum is the lifeblood of our civilization; it, and it alone, makes our comfortable lives possible.


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