Another week, another episode of Top Shot

by wfgodbold

Tonight’s weapon of choice is the English longbow.  In the introduction, they mention that it was so important that Englishmen were required by law to practice.  I think at one point, golf was outlawed because the king was afraid that people would spend their time on it instead of practicing their archery.

Requiring archery practice by law seems a bit draconian; on the other hand, they seem to have forgotten to take those laws off the books.

Spoilers follow:

They’re focusing on the red team’s interpersonal dynamics; I imagine they’ll lose the team challenge again.  On the other hand, it might just be a red herring (heh).

Caleb finally gets some camera time!

The team competition involves everyone shooting a giant target; when they hit the center, giant flames will shoot up in the back.  They have to do it quickly, too; this is going to be timed.  Unlike the Beretta 92 challenge was, they only have 30 seconds each to get off as many shots as they can, before it’s the next person’s turn.

The blue team won the challenge again (this week it came down to the wire, though).  They’re going to be three people up on the red team next week.

And now the politicking starts.  I guess backbiting and dealmaking gets the ratings, so they probably put the teams together with a token nod to ability and mainly based it on personalities.  You wouldn’t want to make both teams have people who get along great with each other all the time, cause then there wouldn’t be any conflict.

The elimination challenge is with the crossbow instead of the longbow; maybe that’s similar enough to a gun that Brad won’t complain incessantly about it.  Bill didn’t seem to pick up the loading operation as well as Brad did.

This should be good; they have to shoot an apple (not off anyone’s head, though) at 4 different distances.  Time to see who’s the better William Tell!

Up next week: shooting different colored plates!


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