The only thing better than a movie about zombies

by wfgodbold

Is a whole TV show about zombies!  It starts airing on AMC this October, and from the photos released so far, it looks great!

Zombieland was great (and hopefully the sequel will be great as well), but after it and Shaun of the Dead, it’ll be nice to have a serious treatment of the dangers that come along with the zombie apocalypse.

My own emergency preparations leave a lot to be desired; I keep intending to make a bug-out-bag, but I’ve only bought a few items for it (I also don’t have anywhere to bug out to).  I have a new fixed-blade knife on the way from Scrapyard Knives; their Regulator (their current production) is the most affordable (since all other models they’ve made are only available second hand at a mark up) and should be an effective all-around blade.  It should be here in a few days; until then, I’ll have to make do with the folding knives I already own.

I doubt the end of the world is imminent, though; I should be safe for now.


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