I went to the gun show today

by wfgodbold

And prices are out of control.  I saw a FNP 9 for $250 more at the show than on gunbroker, and that wasn’t the only ridiculously high price.  Even with transfer fees and shipping, it still ends up about $200 cheaper online than in person.

I looked at several Sig P226s (and other models); those are really slick pistols, and they’re a lot easier to get a good grip on than my own undersized handgun.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any good deals on a rimfire pistol or rimfire upper receiver; the only .22 upper I saw was $70 more expensive than I could get it for online.  The Chiappa .22 cal 1911 pistols all felt like they’re made out of plastic (I think they mostly are, actually).  No one had any buffer tubes for sale; anyone selling those had them bundled with stocks, and I don’t need another stock.

After eating lunch (pork loin sauteed in bacon grease and mashed cauliflower!), I went to the range and did some shooting.  I really need a .22 handgun.  Badly.  Shooting the AR went pretty well; even out to 75 yards I did a pretty good job of getting on paper (using iron sights); I may place an order over at Primary Arms for one of their scopes or red dot optics.  Their prices are low, and while you don’t get a product that will stand up to hard abuse, they are well reviewed over at arfcom.

Ninety minutes in the nearly 100 degree sun was enough for me; maybe if I were a better shot, I’d be more amenable to staying longer (or if ammo were cheaper!).

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