Top Shot Episode 4

by wfgodbold

If you haven’t watched it yet, beware the spoilers that follow!

The competitors start off today having to identify targets and shoot quickly, using an AR-15; they have to spin and shoot plates of the color called as quickly as possible.  The blue team and red team both mostly do well, but a couple people on each team had issues with either accuracy or speed.

The challenge adds in a memory element; they have a short time to study the board before it’s covered up and they have to shoot the correct targets without seeing them.  It should be interesting to see how everyone does.

Kelly on the red team had problems in the practice, but in the challenge, he hit 6/7 blue targets; Jim was really slow on the practice day, but he really pulled through in the challenge and got 3 points for the blue team.

In the end, though, the red team pulled through and won their first challenge.  This week, the blue team has to send someone packing!

The challenge is Iain against Jim; the blue team is trying to be cold-blooded about who they kick off the team.  That seems like it’s easy to do now, but if they get some more people eliminated, it’ll be harder; I wouldn’t be surprised if things turn political before too long, like they have on the red team.

The elimination challenge goes back to pistols; they’re shooting a TZ99 at moving targets, instead of a rifle at stationary targets.  Jim did fine, but was slow, and Iain was quick; if the challenge is timed, Jim will be at a disadvantage; if not, it’s looks like a toss-up.

For the challenge itself, they have to score points by hitting red swinging plates (hitting blue plates deducts points); they each have 4 rounds and 15 seconds.  This plays more to Iain’s strengths; both competitors hit all 3 red targets.  Jim was unlucky, though, and lost a point for hitting a blue plate that was hidden behind the red plate he shot.

Up next week: cowboy weapons and blue team drama!


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