McDonald vs Chicago

by wfgodbold

5-4 against Chicago; outright gun bans have now officially gone the way of the dodo.  Unfortunately for the residents of Chicago, they will most likely be inflicted with heavily regulated gun ownership a la New York City or Washington, D.C.

The court did leave open to interpretation the phrase “reasonable regulation,” this, of course, has been lauded by the Brady Campaign and Bloomberg (head Mayor against Illegal [but really legal as well] Guns) as a great victory for gun control.

Their statements can’t hold a candle to the Violence Policy Center’s opinion; they predict blood in the streets.  This is certainly bad news for Chicago: with the gun ban in effect, this past weekend only 26 were shot; an improvement from the weekend before, when 52 were shot.  Just think how much worse the violence will get now that their outright ban has been overturned!

It’ll be interesting to see where Alan Gura goes from here; narrow victories in both the Heller and McDonald decisions have certainly made him beloved of the RKBA community; while it would be nice for him to go after the Hughes Amendment or the National Firearms Act, he’s more likely to focus on something that will be better received by the public.  Trying to make machine guns easier to buy would play right into the gun banners hands, and would probably be a PR disaster.  Nothing would swing momentum back towards the anti-gun groups than a bunch of hysterical opinion pieces talking about how the NRA and the gun lobby want everyone to have a machine gun.

I disagree with a lot of what Bush did in his tenure as President, but he did get the SCOTUS nominations right; had Gore or Kerry been president, this case (and Heller) would have turned out far differently.


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