It’s on the way!

by wfgodbold

But not to me; thanks to the requirements of federal law, the P226 Classic 22 I ordered is being shipped to my local gun store, who will take possession of it and transfer it to me for a modest fee.

Thanks to Robb, I was able to get it (even with shipping and transfer fees) for about $75 less than I would have paid over the counter at the store.  That money can buy a couple extra magazines!  I’m going to hold off on getting a caliber x-change kit for now; if I like the gun enough, I may buy one sooner and start carrying it instead of my .380.

This was my first time buying a gun online; it was pretty easy.  Once I’d placed the order, all I had to do was give my gun store my name and the order number, and he faxed a copy of his FFL (federal firearms license) with my info attached to the online retailer.  They got the info and will ship the gun to the store.  Once it’s come in, I’ll go pick it up after an instant background check and after I pay the transfer fee.


3 Responses to “It’s on the way!”

  1. Glad someone got to use the deal!

  2. I really appreciate it! Saving money on something I was thinking about buying anyway is always great.


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