I don’t have much to say

by wfgodbold

Though I seem to slowly be improving with my pistol; once the P226 gets here (who knows when, since it’s still “processing” on their site; my credit card appears to have been charged, so if it doesn’t ship Monday, I’ll call them) I’ll be able to practice a hell of a lot more.

I put a Primary Arms 1-4x 24mm scope on my AR; I had it just about sighted in when I realized (thanks to the gradually rotating reticle) that I hadn’t tightened the rings on the mount enough, and they were being shook loose by the vibrations from firing.  On the plus side, it’s better to learn this stuff with a $170 scope and mount combo instead of a kilodollar scope.

Psych‘s new season starts up next Wednesday; Tuesday, USA starts their new spy show, Covert Affairs.  Tomorrow, Top Shot is back after its hiatus for the fourth of July!

And since I’m clearly now just listing stuff I’ll end up talking about later in the week, I’ll just shut up.  I need to cook dinner anyway, and sitting at the computer isn’t going to accomplish that.

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