Top Shot ep. 5

by wfgodbold

It’s been two weeks since episode 4; spoilers after the jump!  Hulu should have it up later if you missed it.This week, the team contest uses the Kentucky long rifle!

The episode just started and the red-blue drama is already heating up.  Some of the red team members don’t like that the blue team wasn’t broken up about losing Jim.

Their practice is severely limited; each person only gets 3 shots.  That’s not much time to get used to the delay between pulling the trigger and the shot actually leaving the flintlock.  Kelly points out that because the bullets are round, they fly far less efficiently than the modern aerodynamic bullets.

Brad explains Kentucky windage and how you aim at a different point to account for bullet drop.

On the blue team, Caleb‘s practice shots are great; he’s shot muzzle loaders in the past, so he’s more familiar than the rest of the team is.  Most of the rest of the blue team doesn’t do as well.  After the practice, Iain and three of the other blue team members discuss their strategy for elimination should the blue team lose.  The drama is running thick and heavy in this episode!

Name calling, red team eavesdroppers, backroom deals!  This really has turned into another reality contest show.  Not surprising, but still kind of annoying.  I’m here to see the shooting and see what I can learn from any of the pro shooters competing.

Wow; Adam just called Caleb a shell of a no-nothing troll (because he told JJ and Blake about the secret plan to eliminate them)!  Sounds like everyone is having a great time…

The host brings all the drama out into the open air just before the competition; targets are set up at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 yards (125 yd target worth more points than the others).  The red team chooses Adam and Chris to sit out; I guess they weren’t told that Caleb was the best shot.

J.J. and Brad both hit the bullseye on the 25 yard target; Brad hit closer to the center, so the red team wins that target.

Andre hits the 50 yard target almost dead center; Tara (unfortunately for the blue team) hit just outside the center ring.

Blake had several hangfires on the 75 yard target; they had to switch out rifle for the instructor’s.  He hit in the yellow; the red team member hit the ring inside that, giving them a 3rd point.

Kelly hit the 100 yard target easily; Iain missed completely, giving the red team a 4-0 lead.  A hit on the 125 yard target would tie it up for the blue team.

Caleb is up, and he hit the brown; just outside the target.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t count as hitting the target, so the red team wins the challenge.  The drama didn’t help the blue team’s mental game for this challenge, and it really showed with their lackluster performance.

Time for more drama!  Adam is going to vote for Caleb; he’s incredibly pissed that Caleb told J.J. and Blake about the plan.  I’d be surprised if J.J., Caleb, and Blake didn’t vote for Adam.  The rest of Adam’s coalition might vote with him, which would make the elimination round Adam vs Caleb; Tara’s vote wouldn’t matter, because Adam would have 3 votes and Caleb would have 4.  We’ll see how everyone votes after the commercial break!

Tara tried to mediate during the blue team meeting, but it’s falling apart.  Chris apologized; Adam is making excuses about how he’s just playing the game.  Blake and J.J. are angry because the original blue team plan was to beat the red team first.  Adam is still pissed that Caleb ratted him out; even apologizing for not being up front about his dislike of the plan didn’t make a difference.  The drama is overwhelming!

Tara votes for Caleb; Caleb (of course) votes for Adam; Iain also votes for Caleb (because he couldn’t nominate himself, and Caleb also missed his target); J.J. votes for Adam; Chris votes for Caleb (he also says that he would vote for himself if he could); Blake votes for Adam.  My expectations (and it really was kind of obvious from all of the Caleb/Adam drama shown throughout the episode) were right on.  The practice will be after the next commercial break; from the teaser, they’ll be firing a lever action rifle.

The elimination weapon is the gun that won the west- the 1873 Winchester lever action rifle.  The practice sessions will be shooting the rungs off of a ladder.

Adam explains how he deals with new weapons (adjusting the sights, getting a feel for the trigger); in between shots, it cuts to him talking about how vile he thinks Caleb is.

Caleb was also excited about the rifle; he had more problems determining the point of aim, but eventually got it down.  He practiced reloading more than Adam did, but didn’t adjust the sights; instead, he used Kentucky windage.

The elimination challenge itself involves shooting a rope that is holding a guillotine up.  The winner will cut his rope and drop the blade of the guillotine in front of his opponent’s rope.  The rifles can only hold 3 rounds (instead of their actual maximum), so that they’ll have to reload.

After 6 shots, both have hit the rope once.  It takes several more shots, but Adam ends up winning the challenge; Caleb has to go home.  That should guarantee more drama in the coming weeks, should the blue team continue their losing streak.

Next week’s episode feature the Colt Peacemaker; the cowboy action shooter on the red team has got to be happy.  I’m still not too keen on the reality show aspect of Top Shot, but it does a pretty good job of keeping you hooked on the show and watching those ads.

Maybe next week I’ll make the initial post when the show starts and just update it throughout, instead of all at once afterwards.  We’ll see!


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