What do the Lockerbie bomber’s release and the Gulf oil spill have in common?

by wfgodbold

Our good friends at BP, that’s what!  I bet they didn’t think their public relations problems could get any worse, but now this comes to light.  It was bad enough when the doctor who said al-Megrahi had three months to live could actually end up living for as much as a decade; now we find out that in addition to slacking on safety inspections, BP lobbied for prisoner exchanges with terrorist-supporting countries.  This is beyond the pale.

BP is running out of options at this point; if they don’t drill in Libyan waters, they’ll probably have problems making the money they need to pay off the reparations to Gulf oil spill victims, but if they do, they look even worse (and before this I wouldn’t have said that was possible).

If I were a stockholder, I’d be furious.  This hasn’t changed my opinion on our society’s need for oil; until miniaturized nuke reactors or fuel cells or really awesome batteries are developed, we’re stuck with it.  That doesn’t mean that BP shouldn’t be punished (with boycotts and action within the law; penalties, etc.).

Not buying BP gas is easy for me; there isn’t a BP station nearby!  They’ve made the list of places I won’t fill up at (Citgo has some company, at long last).


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