Christopher Nolan is my master now

by wfgodbold

Inception is an amazing movie.  I know I went on and on about how great the A-Team was, but there’s a difference between explosions/gunfights/humor awesome, and movies that are legitimately awesome.  Inception is the latter.

I don’t want to say much regarding the plot, but all of the actors do a superb job, the music adds to ambience and feel of each scene, and the effects are incredible.  I will say that the movie has the feel of a combination of the Matrix (the first one (since it didn’t suck)) and Ocean’s Eleven.  The elements of world building and heist action make for an exciting 145 minute ride (be sure to go to the bathroom before the movie starts).

I’ll definitely get this movie on Blu-ray.  I don’t know if I’ll see it in theaters again, but I’ll have to rewatch it at some point to pick up on details I probably missed the first time around.

Go watch it.  Today.


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