The Japanese have gone completely insane

by wfgodbold

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Cat Shit One (yes, that’s the real title).  If you’re resourceful, you can find English subtitled downloads out there in the ether.

Rabbits decked out in MOLLE gear and loaded up with all the tactical gear they can carry have to rescue their comrades from the vile clutches of terrorist camels.  Yes, you read that right; private military contractor rabbits fight against camels.

The hell of it is that it’s actually a good episode; the action is believable (once you get past the weapon-wielding animals) and even better done than some live-action movies, and the CG is top-notch.  Perky has good trigger discipline, and his buddy Botatsky has far too much stuff hanging off his rifle (judging from some of the pics at arfcom, that’s pretty common).

I have no idea when the next episode will be released, but I’m certainly looking forward to it; if it’s as well done as the first one, it will be great!


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