Top Shot Episode 6

by wfgodbold

The Peacemaker!  Spoilers after the jump, so head to Hulu (or come back later) if you haven’t watched it yet.

The Blue team returns to the house after Caleb’s loss to Adam in the elimination challenge last week; all the drama in episode 5 set the stage for more drama in the weeks to come, with two factions on the blue team.  The red team is only down by one person now that the blue team has lost twice in a row.

Both teams head up to the practice range and are told they’re going to use the Peacemaker; Denny is happy, since he’s shot single-action revolvers in competition many times in the past.

Blake and some of the other blue team members did okay, but they weren’t as comfortable as they were with modern firearms.

Denny and Peter on the red team are both very good shots and have shot the same weapon before; the rest of the red team did a good job shooting small groups in practice.

For the team challenge, a fake western town is set up, complete with a bank, saloon, and general store.  Fifty targets of different sizes are set up at different ranges, and each team member gets to shoot 10 times (reloading once).  The red team has Blake sit out; he’s one of the pro pistol shooters, so that’s a big setback for them.

The blue team decides to shoot from top to bottom, left to right, with Blake calling out missed targets.  The red team is more concerned with the order they’ll shoot in.

After the first break, the two teams face off in the challenge.

Chris goes first on the blue team; his first five shots hit, and after reloading, he hits five more times.  After less than great practice, he does a great job under pressure.  Tara is up next, and has five hits before reloading as well.  After the reload, she has no misses again.  Adam only has 3 hits out of ten shots, and then tags J.J. in.  J.J. picks up his slack and the blue team gets back to work.  Iain hits most of his targets, and then Chris returns to the line to finish off the rest of the targets.  The blue team cleared the shooting range in 7:35.

Denny shoots first for the red team; he misses three of his first five shots, and then misses all five after reloading.  Brad hits four out of five and three out of five after the reload.  Peter is the first red team member to hit all five of his initial hits; he only misses one after reloading.  Andre hits three out of five and then two out of five.  Kelly missed most of his shots.  In the time they had to beat the blue team, the red team only hit 23 out of 50 targets, losing the challenge.  The blue team’s plan worked out much better than the red team’s did.

The red team has to send two more people to the elimination challenge; I imagine they’ll pick Denny (since he was supposed to be their ringer for cowboy weapons) and Kelly (since he didn’t shoot well at all).

After another commercial break, we return to more Top Shot drama!

Denny pulled all of his shots to the left; Andre rushed too much; Peter and Brad didn’t have problems; Kelly probably just lost his nerve cause of everyone else missing a lot.

Denny apologized to the team and said he wouldn’t hold a grudge if he were voted into the challenge.  Peter joked with Brad that he wouldn’t have to worry about getting voted for this time (after all the drama between them a few weeks ago); they both agreed that Denny is generally reliable.  Brad talks to Andre, and tells him he’s going to vote for Kelly; Andre agrees that he was also going to vote for Kelly.  After that, Brad goes to Denny and tells him they’re hoping to set up an Andre vs Kelly elimination match.

The scene cuts from there to the elimination range, and Andre, Denny, and Kelly explain why they had problems in the challenge.

Brad votes for Kelly; Kelly votes for Denny; Denny votes for Kelly; Andre votes for Kelly (he says he shot at the target of who didn’t perform, but he still shot at Kelly’s instead of Denny’s); Peter’s vote is last, and he casts his vote for Andre.  This results in a tie; Brad’s name is drawn, and he has to choose between Denny and Andre; he chooses Andre (basing his thinking on the speed that elimination rounds require and Andre’s speed).

Andre and Kelly head to the elimination practice range after the commercials!

Before going to the range, they head back to the house and Denny has to explain why he’s not in the challenge to Adam and the blue team.  Adam tries to say that Denny should have volunteered, since cowboy shooting is his speciality; last week, though, Adam was trying to figure out how to get J.J. and Blake in the elimination round so he wouldn’t have to shoot against them later.

Andre explains that he’s used up all his leave (he’s stationed in Korea) to be in this competition, and hopes that he can stick around after winning the elimination challenge.

At the practice range, Kelly and Andre learn that they’re still going to use the Peacemaker.  Instead of shooting for speed like they did in the team challenge, they’ll be shooting for accuracy.  They’ll be shooting at small targets 25 ft away.

Kelly gets some pointers from the instructor, and really improves his accuracy by a lot.  If he’d done that in the team challenge, he might have squeaked by without getting sent to the elimination round.

Andre was shooting high, but with the instructor’s help, he figured out how to fix his problems and improved; he wasn’t putting his shots in the same hole like Kelly was, but he was still grouping them tightly in the center of the practice target.

The challenge this week is playing poker; instead of drawing cards, they’ll be shooting them on a wheel 25 ft away.  They each have seven shots to make the best five-card hand they can.  It’s seven-card stud with guns.  Andre reveals that he’s never played poker; it turns out that Kelly doesn’t have much experience with it either.

Kelly shoots first; he hits the Ace of Hearts.  Andre hits the Ace of Spades.  They’re both trying to get a royal flush.  With his fifth shot, Kelly tried to block Andre’s straight flush by shooting the 10 of spades, but he missed.  Andre hits it just fine and gets a royal flush.  Kelly hits the 10 of hearts to stay in the game.

For their second hand, they only get five shots, and they can’t shoot at any cards that have already been hit.  Andre shoots the two of spades for some reason; I don’t know why he didn’t shoot one of the other two aces.  Kelly shoots at the ace of clubs, but misses.  Andre hits the six of spades, and Kelly has to shoot the five of spades to keep Andre from getting another straight flush.

Andre hits the four of spades, and Kelly shoots at the five of hearts.  He’s going for four of a kind.  Andre’s lack of poker knowledge bites him in the ass here, cause he didn’t know what to do to block Kelly’s strategy.  Kelly hits the five of clubs, giving him three of a kind and giving him the win.

Kelly sticks around for another week; unfortunately for Andre, he has to go home.  Next week, the teams get to try all of the different famous trick shots; over the shoulder, throwing something up into the air and shooting it.  I’m sure the trick shots will come along with a good helping of drama; this week’s didn’t really have that much.


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