Georgie, is that you?

by wfgodbold

George Patton, that is!

Mattis certainly sounds like the second coming of General Patton; he curses, is generally “impolitic”, and seems more interested in winning than in improving his own reputation.  If Petraeus hadn’t built his reputation salvaging Iraq, Mattis might have been a better option to send to get the Afghanistan situation in order.

Patton didn’t care about his image; he wanted to win!  His zest for battle probably backfired; if he’d been given free reign after the defeat of Germany in WW2, he would have tried to save Eastern Europe from falling under the Iron Curtain.  If anyone could have done it, Patton could have.

Mattis’s close relationship with Petraeus should help them both in resolving the conflict in Afghanistan; their counterinsurgency experience is direly needed.


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