P226 range report

by wfgodbold

This afternoon I braved the heat to shoot half a box of Winchester Xpert 22 cartridges through my brand new P226 Classic .22.  I only had a couple dud rounds and one failure to extract; not bad for 250 shots.  That’s the most I’ve shot in one go; if I’d done that with my .380, it would have cost me ~$100 instead of $13.  Two and a half more boxes and I’ll have paid for the P226 just with savings on ammunition!

The Sig is much easier to shoot than the Bersa is; it’s heavier and shooting a lighter cartridge, it’s larger with a longer sight radius, and it’s easier to get a good two-handed grip on.  The Bersa is much easier to conceal, though; with the right holster, I could probably conceal the Sig without too much trouble, but it would print a lot easier than the .380 does.


50 rounds at 10 yards, P226 classic 22


I really should take a class; I’ve picked up most of what I know of handgun shooting from watching videos and reading online.  That’s no substitute for someone who knows wtf they are doing explaining things and correcting your mistakes.

This pistol might end up costing me more money than it saves, especially if I blow through ammo at the rate I did this afternoon.  It only took me an hour to go through 250 rounds; if I do that a few times a week, I’ll actually be spending more on ammo than I was before!

Now I really want to get CMMG’s new M4 .22 dedicated upper; the only thing better than one .22 plinker is two .22 plinkers!


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