by wfgodbold

It’s not just for food any more; the new movie with Angelina Jolie came out yesterday, and it’s a pretty good movie.

It opens with Evelyn Salt (Jolie) being tortured by the North Koreans and accused of being a spy; eventually she is returned to the US in a prisoner exchange, and from here the movie leaps two years into the future.  A Russian defector shows up at her office (she actually is a spy for the CIA), and at the end of his interrogation, tells her that she is a Russian spy who will kill the Russian president.

Once this happens, the action starts; Salt has to escape, try to find her husband, and eventually makes her way to NYC for the Vice President’s funeral (the Russian president will deliver the eulogy).

The movie is kind of a mashup of The Fugitive and a James Bond film; Salt is a trained spy and has to escape from all of the federal agents chasing her.  The plot has several twists and turns, but it doesn’t fail to disappoint.


One Comment to “Salt”

  1. I heard a lot of negative reviews about the movie. I really thought the movie was great since the trailer was awesome.

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