Red vs Blue again on Top Shot episode 7

by wfgodbold

This week’s episode features trick shooting!  Spoilers abound, so check Hulu if you missed it on the History Channel.The red team returns, Kelly victorious!  The two teams immediately head to the practice range, where they find out that the competition will be trick/exhibition shooting.  They’ll be using a Winchester 1873, a S&W M&P revolver, and a S&W Schofield revolver.

The red team practices first.  The first shot is shooting over their shoulder with a mirror to hit a glass ball, a la Annie Oakley.  They’re using the Winchester 1873 lever action rifle for this shot.  The red team members all hit the target without any problems.

The second shot is using the M&P revolver one-handed at a tiny dot on the target.  The red team didn’t do as well on this event.

The third shot they practice is with the Schofield revoler; they have to toss a cabbage under a rope, and shoot it with one shot before it hits the ground.  Some of the red team had problems with this as well.

Now it’s the blue team’s turn to practice; they all do a great job shooting over their shoulders.

The second shot is a lot easier for the blue team; they’re all good pistol shots, so that’s to be expected.

It’s hard to tell if the cabbage shoot went well; they broke apart on hitting the ground, and I couldn’t always tell if that was from the ground or from being hit.

After the two teams return to the house, they practice tossing and shooting balls; they don’t have live firearms, but they can practice the motions with just their hands, and hope that it’s enough for both teams to be able to do that trick shot in the challenge.

After the commercial break, the teams head up to the challenge.  Everything is set up and laid out like a wild west show.  Each team picks one person to do one shot; the first is shooting the lever action over their shoulder to break a glass bottle.  The second is shooting a nail into a board from 25 feet away, and the third is tossing a soda can under a rope and shooting it.

J.J. and Adam are sitting out for the blue team; since the red team is outnumbered, they don’t sit anyone.  Brad and Peter disagree on strategy, and Peter caves in.

Peter shoots the lever action rifle first; he breaks all three bottles without missing.  Tara steps up for the blue team, and the pressure is on!  She also hits all three bottles.  One challenge down, two to go!

Denny is up for the red team; he has to drive nails with the M&P revolver.  All three shots miss; for a cowboy action shooter, he’s screwed up on both of the cowboy themed challenges so far.

Chris on the blue team misses the first, and hits the next two, putting the blue team up by 2 points.

Brad steps up to the soda can challenge; his first toss is over the rope and doesn’t count.  His second is a miss as well, as is his final shot.

Iain throws and hits his first can, misses the second, and misses the third can as well.  The blue team moves up to a 6-3 lead.

Kelly has to pull the red team back into the game; the half cans are worth two points each.  He hits the first easily, but misses the second.  He misses the third, and the red team loses the team challenge by one point.

I imagine they’ll send Denny to the elimination range this week; if they send Kelly as well, when both Denny and Brad failed to score any points, I’ll lose all faith in the red team.  We’ll see who votes for whom after the commercial break!

The red team starts playing politics; Brad advocated for the strategy they used, and Peter points out that Kelly’s manner has gotten him into lots of elimination challenges.

Brad votes for Kelly; Kelly votes for Brad (cause of missing his targets and the failed plan); Denny votes for Kelly for the same reason Brad did (Kelly isn’t as versatile as Brad or Denny).  Peter votes last, and his vote determines who goes up against Kelly in the elimination round; he chooses Brad.  Denny has failed hardcore two weeks in a row, and somehow everyone thinks he’s a great asset to the red team anyway.

The blue team is incredulous; they don’t understand why they keep sending Kelly to the elimination round.  Adam is amazed that they voted for Kelly instead of Denny.  Kelly is pissed off at the red team, so he goes and hangs out with the blue team.

The elimination challenge is tossing up clay pigeons and shooting them before they land; we’ll see how Brad and Kelly do after the commercials!

The two candidates for elimination head to the practice range, where they find their instructor holding a Beretta Xtrema2 shotgun.

Brad practices first; the instructor, Scott Robertson, shows him how to throw the target first; after practicing that, Brad starts shooting clays; he can hit 3 or 4 on the same throw by the end, and speculates that in the challenge they’ll have to throw the clays themselves.

Kelly practices throwing, and asks Scott about his technique; he shoots them starting from the bottom up.  Kelly has some problems at first, but after practicing, does pretty well.

Back at the house, Brad and Kelly pack up, and Kelly does some practicing out in the yard.

The red team heads up to the elimination range, where they learn that they’ll have to throw and shot their own clays; they’re starting with one clay and working their way up to five at once.  Whoever hits the most pigeons wins the competition.

After the break, the shooting starts!

Kelly is up first, and he hits the first clay.  Brad hits his first easily as well.

Kelly throws two up, but misses the second clay.  Brad hits both of his, and pulls into the lead.

Kelly only hits one out of three clays; Brad also only hits one, barely hanging onto his 4-3 lead.

Kelly hits three out of four; Brad hits one, and falls to one point behind Kelly.

In the final round, Kelly throws five clays up and hits two of them; he didn’t throw them as high as he should have.  Brad has a chance to win; he needs to hit four.  He throws them higher, but only manages to hit two targets.  Kelly pulls through and wins the elimination round, sending Brad home.

Brad says goodbye and walks off into the sunset.

Next week, throwing knives and slingshots and DRAMA when the teams are disbanded!


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