Imager’s Intrigue is worth reading

by wfgodbold

Especially if you’ve read Imager and Imager’s Challenge.  L.E. Modesitt, Jr. does a great job of wrapping up the major conflicts from the first two books, and according to his official site, he’s hard at work on the next books in the series (which will be prequels; from the short blurb, I’d guess they’re about the great imager who helped unify Solidar and founded the Collegium Imago).

It looks like he’s taking the same approach with the Imager Portfolio as he did with the Corean Chronicles; the first trilogy is set in the future, and the second takes place hundreds of years in the past and explains how everything happened to set up the future society (he does this on a grander scale in the Saga of Recluce, as well).  With how Imager’s Intrigue ended, there isn’t a whole lot more than could be done in that time period anyway, unless he jumped another twenty or thirty years into the future.

I’ve made it about halfway through The Lions of Lucerne, and it’s getting better the more I read it.  I’ve got the next three books in the series waiting for once it’s done, so I’ve got a lot of reading left to do.


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