Firefly meets Starship Troopers

by wfgodbold

Outnumbered and outgunned, Jim Raynor and his loyal band of space marines has to fight against the tyrannical Arcturus Mengsk and his Terran Dominion on the one hand, and the Queen of Blades and her Zerg Swarm on the other (and some Protoss here and there on the gripping hand); infestations abound and must be cleansed, Protoss artifacts must be seized and researched, and the yoke of oppression must be broken!

In case it wasn’t obvious, my copy of the collector’s edition arrived today via Fedex and; just in time, too!  The free trial I’ve been using for the past few days only had 56 minutes of playtime left.  Extras abound!  Included (besides the Starcraft II game itself) were a making of DVD, a soundtrack CD, issue #0 of the Starcraft comic book, and a USB flash drive in the shape of Jim Raynor’s dog tag (preloaded with Starcraft and the Brood War expansion).  When I next log into WoW, I’ll have a miniature Thor non-combat pet for all of my characters, as well.

I’ve completed seven or eight of the single player campaign missions so far; the game does a good job of easing you into the control system (though sadly my strategy at this point consists of building large numbers of various infantry units and throwing them at the opposition; I really need to figure out some nuance or something (I never thought I would subscribe to the Stalin system of resource management; quantity really does have a quality all its own)), and of not overwhelming you with unit and building options; at this point, each completing each mission gives you a new unit that you can use thereafter.

I’ll probably go through the tutorials this weekend, and maybe watch some videos/replays of people who know what they’re doing;  Ryan and I got stomped rather handily when we tried to play co-op mode against two AI opponents.

If only I’d spent the last 11 years honing my Starcraft skills!

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