Thoughts on Dinner for Schmucks

by wfgodbold

It was okay.  If you like Meet the Parents, you’ll probably like Dinner for Schmucks.  If you didn’t, you probably won’t; most of the humor is in the same style, and laughing at horrible misfortune can get old fast.

Steve Carell does a great job, and so does Paul Rudd, but I just didn’t care for the demeaning humor (not that I was offended, I just cringed half the time instead of laughing).  If I’d done my research beforehand, I’d have known that it was from the same director as Meet the Parents and I could have saved myself the ticket cost.

I will say that the ending was the best part, and not just cause the movie was over; the villains get their comeuppance, and almost everyone lives happily ever after.

In other movie news, less than two weeks until The Expendables hits theaters!  I can’t wait!


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