Kerrigan could clean up on Top Shot

by wfgodbold

But she’s not real!  I’ll be taking a break from the endgame of single player Starcraft II to watch episode 8 of Top Shot tonight!  Spoilers after the jump.

Brad eliminated last week, and Kelly returns to the house and is pissed at the entire Red Team; they keep voting for him even though Denny continues to do worse.  We’ll see what happens this week!

Kelly is not happy with Denny; the drama starts off right away!  The contestants wake up in the morning to find it raining and storming like mad.  They all gear up in raincoats and pray they won’t have to keep the powder dry in a flintlock in this week’s competition.

This week’s weapon is the throwing knife!  It’s a modified Bowie knife; none of the contestants have experience throwing knives, so they’ll have to learn quickly.

J.J. is up first, and he has problems bouncing knives off the target; the instructor says he’s trying to over muscle it into the target with too much spin.  Blake steps up and immediately bounces his knives off the target, too.  Tara bounces the knives off; Chris sticks at least three in the target, and Adam bounces his off the target as well.  Iain is relaxed and sticks his knives in the target as well.  He credits his ability to pic it up to his countrymen’s propensity for fighting with broken bottles.

The blue team leaves and it’s the red team’s turn to practice.  Denny bounces several off before finally sticking on in the target.  Peter is so-so, and Kelly picks up the technique really quickly and does better than anyone else on either team at throwing the knives.

Tara gets a phone call; her father is sick with lung cancer and is worried about having to go home; he had been doing well, and the phone call says that he’s taking a turn for the worse.  She wants to go home, but he wants her to stay and win, and he’ll be there when she gets home.  I imagine she’ll show up in the elimination round this week.

The challenge for this week is throwing knives 11 feet from a beam over a mud pit; the beam gets gradually narrower, and they aren’t allowed to move on to the next target until they hit the current one; the winning team hits all six targets in the fastet time.

J.J., Adam, and Iain compete against the three remaining red team members; the other blue team members have to sit out and watch.  The challenge takes place after the commercial break!

Iain is up first on the blue team; both of his knives miss.  Adam misses the target completely, and the second bounces off.  J.J.’s first hits, and Iain bounces two off the second target.  Adam bounces both his off the target as well.  J.J. sticks his knife in the second.  Iain runs out and sticks his first throw in the third target.  Adam steps out on the narrow beam and bounces two knives off the fourth target.  J.J. sticks his knife in the target and Iain runs out to the fifth target.  Both knives bounce off and he runs back so Adam can run out to try.  Adam’s first throw sticks momentarily and then falls out, and his second bounces off.  J.J. sticks another knife in the target.  Iain runs out to the last target, and sticks his knife in the target and runs back.  The blue team took 3:05 to hit all the targets; the red team has to beat that.

Denny’s up first; his knives bounce off.  Kelly steps out and sticks his first knife in the target.  Peter bounces both knives off the second target.  Denny’s throws both miss as well.  Kelly’s throws miss, as do both of Peter’s.  Denny misses, and then Kelly sticks one in the second and they move on.  Peter hits the third target and Denny runs out; his knife sticks and falls out, and his second misses as well.  Kelly hits it with his first throw and Peter steps out to the next target.  He sticks his in the fifth target, and Denny is up for the final target.  The beam at the end is very thin, and he’s throws it and sticks it in the target while barely avoiding falling off.  He runs back and falls down.  We’ll find out who wins after the commercials!

Chris points out that J.J. saved the blue team, and Adam complains about the clang of failure.  Denny says that Kelly saved the red team and was very lucky that his final throw stuck in the target.

The red team’s time was 3:10; they lost to the blue team by 5 seconds.  I was wrong about Tara being in the elimination round;  Kelly mentions that if anyone had had one less miss, they would have won.  Kelly says he’ll be devastated if he gets a vote on the range.

Denny says he expects them to vote for him; Pete says that he’ll be livid if he loses a competition where he’s good at everything except for bows and arrows, throwing knives, and other random stuff.  The drama begins, with vote politicking and discussion on the red team.

Peter votes first; he shoots Denny’s target.  Kelly votes second; he also votes for Denny.  Denny can either vote for Kelly or Peter; he shoots Peter’s target, surprising everyone!  Kelly did better than Peter, so he voted for Peter.  Kelly escapes by the skin of his teeth!

The blue team was surprised as well!  Tara got an emergency call from her brother; her father is worse again, and they say he might only have a few days.  No one is pressuring her to go home, but they want her to be informed.  Her father told her several times not to come home, but she hasn’t made up her mind.  She apologizes to the blue team and tells them that she has to go home to be with her dad.  She hangs up her own shirt and leaves the house.  Everyone understands, and they’re all sad to see her go.

After the break, the elimination challenge with slingshots!

Denny and Peter head to the practice range and are told they’re going to be using this slingshot.  For practice, they will be shooting marbles at tin cans from twenty feet away.  Their instructor is the slingshot world record holder.

Denny has to unlearn how he used to slingshot, and picks it up quickly after changing his technique.  Peter is nervous and misses several in a row before figuring out how to pull the sling back consistently; that’s the key, and he hits his targets as well.

Peter isn’t happy; he’s a gun guy, and doesn’t like having to do stuff that doesn’t involve guns.  Denny doesn’t want to go home either, and the three remaining red team members all head to the elimination range.

From 20 feet away, they will have to shoot slingshots at a grid of 8, 10, and 12 inch squares; they each have twenty marbles and sixty seconds to hit as many as they can.  Peter has to shoot at orange targets, and Denny shoots at yellow; if they hit the wrong color, it’s a point for their opponent.  We’ll see how they do and who goes home after the commercial break!

Viewers voted to send Peter home instead of Denny; I can’t imagine why.  Denny is kind of a dick.  Peter is up 3-1 after 30 seconds, and the clock is ticking!  For every target Denny hits, Peter hits one as well, and he maintains his two point lead through the end.  Peter settled down when Denny hit his first and used the stress to improve, and Denny couldn’t handle it and got worse as it went along; Peter wins, and sends Denny home.  It doesn’t take him a long time to say goodbye to his teammates, since only two remain.

Next week, the teams are dissolved and it’s every man for himself!  Seven guys left, and three will go home!  Who will be the four marksmen left for the season finale?  We’ll have to wait and see!


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