Moratorium? What moratorium?

by wfgodbold

So three-fourths of the oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico is gone; evaporated, dissolved, captured, or teleported away by resource stealing aliens with superior technology.  Damn you, aliens!

I expected the greatest ecological disaster of our time to stick around for more than just a few months.  Maybe the next one will do better!

In all seriousness, it seems that the effects of the spill were greatly overestimated; modern cleanup technology and natural processes seem to have done a good job of dealing with most of the oil so far, and I see no reason why the rest won’t be cleaned up in the next couple of months, with the gulf none the worse for wear.

The drilling moratorium is still a bad idea; we need the oil, we need the jobs drilling for oil and processing it produces, and we don’t need to lose that business to foreign countries with less stringent environmental protections.

Unless, of course, we strike a treaty with those aliens and get some of their teleportation technology; that would make getting the oil much easier!

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