The penultimate episode!

by wfgodbold

Of Top Shot!  The teams are gone and several people will be eliminated tonight, so if you want to be spoiled on who it is, hit the jump.

Blake, J.J., Adam, Pete, Kelly, Chris, and Iain!  Who will go home?  Who will stay?  Will phrasing everything in the form of a question?

The remaining contestants head up to the practice range where they’re told the teams are being dissolved; Pete and Kelly are fine with it, since the red team is just them.  They replace their red and blue shirts with green before starting the competition anew.

The first elimination challenge of the night is shooting a fuse to prevent an explosive from going off (using the Beretta 92F); the competitor with the shortest fuse is immediately sent home!  No pressure!

Iain is up first; he uses up all ten shots without hitting the fuse, and the explosive goes off.  Blake goes second; he also fails to put out the fuse.

Kelly shoots next, and he fails as well.  They all mention that it moves and drops a lot faster than you would think.  J.J. goes after Kelly, and he doesn’t put it out with ten rounds either.

Peter goes up next, and breaks it with his second shot!  He shot far ahead of the flame instead of near where it was like the other contestants did.  Chris is up next; he hits the fuse with his fourth shot, but it doesn’t get put out and the explosive goes off anyway.

Adam is the final shooter, and he breaks the fuse on his fifth shot.  He and Peter are the only successful shooters on this challenge; they’ll have a tie breaker to decide who is going home.  We’ll see who after the commercial break!

They each get another fuse and ten more rounds; they’re drawing names to see the order they’ll be shooting in, and Chris is up first.  This time he breaks the fuse on his third shot.

Kelly goes up next, and he doesn’t break the fuse with any of his shots.  Blake shoots third, and doesn’t break the fuse either.

Iain’s up next, and he’s angry with himself; this time he shoots through the fuse enough to keep the explosive from going off, saving him from elimination.  J.J. is up last, and he takes the same strategy as Iain, shooting all his shots at the explosive end of the fuse, and it’s enough to sever the fuse.  Looks like either Kelly or Blake will be eliminated first; they’ll have to have another shootoff to see who it is.

This tie breaker is shooting one bullet at a target, and the closest to the bullseye gets to stay.  Kelly shoots first, and he hits the outside edge of the bullseye.  Blake steps up; his shot was at least two inches outside the bullseye, and loses the challenge.  That’s really surprising, since Blake is a world class pistol shot.  Kelly survives again, and Blake goes home!

And then there were six!  They head back to the house, and Kelly is still in shock for having avoided another elimination.  The next challenge will send two people home; the four with the fastest times are safe; we’ll see what that challenge is after the commercials!

This challenge will involve multiple firearms, 3 already used before (Mosin-Nagant, TZ99, SVT-40) and one new one: the HK93.  They’ll be shooting and running, not just shooting; they have to run from a mark up to the bench, where they shoot, and then run back.  Peter talks about how he had to do cardio and shooting in marine sniper school, and Kelly talks about the biathalons he did in high school.  The other contestants also talk about the various ways their experiences have prepared them (or not, in J.J.’s case) for this challenge.  They all agree that it’s pretty much anybody’s game at this point.

At the challenge, we see a hill they’ll have to climb and platforms the contestants will shoot from.  The plot thickens!  Starting from the bottom, they climb to the first platform, and shoot the pistol at a target 50 ft away from there.  The next three targets are all with rifles, and the distances increase from 100 yards to 125 to 150 at the top of the hill.  The timer stops when they hit the final target, and the slowest two are eliminated!  We’ll see how they do after the break!

Up first is Kelly; for a rifle specialist like him, the pistol should be his only barrier to success.  He takes off running, and takes his first shot with 20s on the clock, and hits.  His second shot is with the HK93 at 45s, and is a hit as well.  The third rifle is the Mosin-Nagant, and he hits that target at 1:10 on his first shot.  The final shot is at 150 yards with the SVT-40, and he hits it right at 1:30; that’s the time to beat for everyone else!

Peter is up next; he gets to the pistol platform in 7s, and hits the first target easily.  He takes his second shot at 38s and hits that target as well.  He takes off up the hill to the Mosin-Nagant, and shoots the third target with 1:02 on the clock.  He hits the final target with 1:21, beating Kelly’s time by 9s.

Chris is up third; he has to beat Peter to stay safe.  He hits the first target at 14s, and heads up the hill to the second.  He has some problems initially with the Hk93, but hits it at 38 and moves up the hill to the third target.  He scores a hit with the Mosin at 1:04, and climbs up to the final platform and the SVT-40; he hits that target in 1:21, beating Peter’s time by 0.71s, giving him the fastest time.

Iain runs up the hill and hits the first target in 16s.  He continues up the hill and hits the second target in 40s and moves on.  He hits the third target with 1:01 on the clock, and makes his way up to the final platform, where he hits the last target with 1:25 on the timer.  Peter is safe now, and Iain and Kelly are the only ones in danger.

Adam is up now, and he’s feeling the pressure.  We’ll see his run after the commercials!

Adam takes off running, and hits the first target with the pistol in 16s.  He runs up to the second platform and hits that target in 43s with his first shot.  The third target takes him two shots, but he finally hits it with 1:16 on the clock.  He runs up to the final platform, and hits that target with 1:36 on the clock.  Iain is safe, and Kelly is in danger; Adam is gone for sure, but if J.J. misses with the rifles, Kelly could stay til next week.

J.J. hits the first target in 12s and takes off to the second platform; he hits that target in 35s and is on the run again.  The Mosin-Nagant gave him problems in practice, but he hits the target with his first shot at 1:00 on the clock.  He hits the final target with 1:20 on the clock, giving him the fastest time and sending Kelly and Adam home.  Kelly went first and loaded more rounds than he needed, and took a bit too long going up the hill, and that cost him enough time to lose; Adam took extra shots with the Mosin-Nagant and pistol, and that slowed him down, as well.

We’ll see how Iain, Peter, J.J., and Chris do in the final episode of Top Shot next week!


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