Video sunglasses!

by wfgodbold

The future is here!  The good professor thinks they’d be useful; given his posting trends for the day, he most likely means for videotaping the horrible way in which the ruling class behaves towards the peons or for videotaping the police.  Joe Huffman has been using them to record his shooting, which is pretty cool.

I don’t have a pair, though, and I don’t see buying one anytime soon.  Nothing I do is worth videotaping for posterity (though it might make for a good cautionary tale).

Edit:  I forgot to add my commentary on the sunglasses!  With the article the professor linked to earlier today on about the police and their propensity for jailing and charging those who record them with felonies, I emailed the professor and suggested that the police would merely use these video sunglasses as an excuse to bust everyone walking around with sunglasses on for illegal wiretapping.


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