by wfgodbold

The Expendables was great; the fights were great, the action was great, the explosions were great.  It was like watching a great 80s action movie done with modern technology; if you liked action movies from the 80s and early 90s, you have to go see it.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World was essentially a video game movie; not in that it was based on a video game, but in that characters behaved as if they were in a video game.  It was good, but in a completely different way from the Expendables.  There were a lot of video game shoutouts, too, so if you like games, keep an eye (or ear!) open!

Even getting up and getting my daily running in before 8:30 AM isn’t enough to beat the heat any more.  The past few days it’s gotten up to the low-mid 90s by the time I’m finishing up; hopefully we’re past the worst of it and it will start to cool off again in the next week or so.  If it doesn’t, I’ll probably just complain even more.  I’ve been doing a half hour of biking in the evenings before dinner; I originally planned to get that done right after my run in the morning, but between the Power 90 and the running, I’m too tired in the mornings to do it.


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