The final episode is here!

by wfgodbold

Where we find out who the top shot really is!   Spoilers after the jump, so beware.

J.J., Peter, Iain, and Chris remain; three will be eliminated, and one will walk away with the $100k prize!

They get back to the house and there’s a table full of food set out; everyone is in a good mood, and they toast the final four.

They head to the range and the first elimination challenge is flipping steel plates from red to blue (or blue to red).  J.J. shoots against Chris, and utterly destroys him; at the end of the minute (and they each had 40 shots with the Beretta to flip plates), J.J. had flipped 11 plates to his color to one of Chris’s.  Iain defeated Peter, and that keeps him and J.J. safe from elimination; Peter and Chris will have to shot against each other to see who will be eliminated.  We’ll see who it is after the commercial break!

They’re shooting pretty quick; Chris is shooting faster than Peter, which could backfire on him if he runs out and Peter has plenty of time to shoot the other targets before time runs out.  It doesn’t, though, and Chris beats Peter, sending him home and avoiding elimination for another round.

The only three people left were all on the blue team; we’ll see who ends up sticking it out.  The next challenge is after the break!

The three contestants get to the range, and they find dozens of different targets; Colby tells them that they will get to choose their weapon and their target.  There are three rifles and three pistols.  They will pick a weapon and a target, and put it at the distance they choose.  After taking their shot, the other contestants shoot the same target with the same weapon; each successful hit gets them a point, and the two with the most points at the end will go on to the final challenge.

J.J. is up first, and he chooses to shoot the Schofeld revolver at an 8″ window pane, and has it put at 50 yards.  They will have to shoot it one handed and standing.  His shot was too ambitious; he hits the frame, but missed the glass and didn’t score a point.  Iain shoots next, and he breaks his target.  Chris shoots last, and misses.  It’s Iain’s game to lose at this point; he chooses the S&W M&P revolver and has shot glasses set up at 50 yards; he hits his target easily.  Chris is up next, and he’s nervous.  Colby reminds him that this was the pistol he drove the nail with earlier, and he hits his shotglass.  J.J. is up; he has to hit this target, unfortunately, he misses.  Chris chooses the HK rifle, and the mug of beer for his target and has it put at 100 yards.  They’ll shoot it off-hand, with no support.  If Chris hits this target, J.J. is eliminated; if he doesn’t, and J.J. does, they have to have a shoot off.  He misses, and J.J. gets a chance to stay in the game.  He slings up for a more stable shooting position, but it wasn’t enough; he misses and has to go home.

Chris and Iain remain; who will win and who will lose?  We’ll see after the break!

They head to the range, and all of the contestants eliminated in the single competition rounds are there to watch the finale.  Everyone is shocked and happy to see their friends.

There are seven stations, with a different weapon at each station; to move to the next station, they have to hit the target with the weapon at their current station.  The winner is the first contestant to get the the center.

WordPress crashed and lost my summary of the finale, but it came down to the very last shot; Iain and Chris both had one target left to hit, and Iain hit his first, winning season one of Top Shot and $100,000!


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