The first screenshots from the next Tales of game are here

by wfgodbold

And by here, I mean at Silicon Era.  It looks good (and is apparently as yet unnamed and coming to the PS3), if totally different from the last two games (Vesperia and Graces).

We can only see one character, and only in one screenshot, but it looks like Kousuke Fujishima won’t be doing the character designs for this one (he did Vesperia, Phantasia, Abyss, and Symphonia); it doesn’t look like the work of Mutsumi Inomata, either (she did Graces and all but one of the other Tales games not done by Fujishima).  Maybe a big change is what the series needs to get more of a sales boost and attract some new fans.

Vesperia was great; I played the 360 version in English (and the voice acting wasn’t as bad as I feared), and after the PS3 port came out in Japan, I imported and played it, too (Patty is so broken it’s ridiculous).  Graces has only come out for the Wii so far, but once the PS3 port comes out, I’ll probably import it, too (even though I prefer Fujishima’s designs to Inomata’s), and give it a spin.

As long as the new Tales of game stays true to their action-oriented battle system, I’m sure it will do just fine.  Without that (and without Sylph, Gnome, Undine, and Ifrit), it would only be a Tales of game in name.


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