A few thoughts on Top Shot’s first season

by wfgodbold

Now that the first season is done with, I thought I would compile a few things I noticed over the ten episodes that I liked and didn’t like.

The varied the challenges a lot; I liked that they changed the team challenge and elimination challenge from week to week.  I would have preferred that the team challenges early in the season be more like the challenges later in the season, but that’s probably impossible cause of the show’s format; if they’re going to do a challenge like the one in the ninth episode (that eliminated Kelly and Adam) that takes each person ~1.5 minutes to complete, they’re going to use up most of the show’s time just having the initial 16 contestants run through the course.  They wouldn’t have any time left to do the elimination challenge or focus on that hallmark of reality tv shows: the drama!

I liked the variety of guns they used; lever action rifles, revolvers, semi-auto pistols, bolt-action rifles, AR-15s; they did come back to some of the weapons more than others, and I thought it would have been more interesting if they hadn’t reused any (though I suppose that means they didn’t have to bother with practice time like they would have if they’d introduced a new weapon every episode).

I didn’t care for the drama; unfortunately, that’s a staple of reality tv shows, so I’ll have to learn to live with it.  I think they cut and edited clips to make it seem like there was more bad blood than there actually might have been, but they probably had to do that to drum up better ratings.

I would have liked to have seen more rifle shooting; though the seeming focus on pistol shooting was probably also due to the time constraints the show has.  It’s a lot faster to have a bunch of people shoot a handgun at something 50 feet away than it is to have them shoot a rifle at something 300 yards away.

In general, I liked the show; I think it did a good job showing people that shooting is a sport like many others, and that all kinds of people like shooting for fun.  They just kind of threw it out there and let the viewers make their own decisions; if only more tv programs would do that, I might watch more tv!


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