All this talk about time-travelling robots

by wfgodbold

At Robb’s and at Joe’s got me thinking; is there anything that we can’t ascribe to the nefarious intentions of Skynet?

Gun control works, obviously.  So does big government; after all, if the libertarians took over and left everyone alone, no one would build Skynet!  War in general; without pressing threats from other countries/groups, we wouldn’t need to build a computer to put in charge of our military assets.  Crashing the economy and putting more people on the dole works; when society collapses on Judgement day, all those people won’t survive long enough to join the resistance.

In the end, all you can do is live life as if everyone you meet is an evil robot from the future sent to kill you (John Connor’s corollary to Rule 21 for Gunfights).


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