Rumors of Sakura Taisen VI abound! updated

by wfgodbold

Abound might be too strong a word, but SiliconEra reports that the next installment in the series (will be coming to the Wii (which is bad for me, since I don’t have one and would have to import one to play the Japanese release)).

Anyway, if the art is legit, Sakura Taisen VI: Stronger than Love (愛より強く) will be changing locations; this time to Berlin (previous games have been set in Tokyo, Paris, and New York).  There’s no way to tell at this point if Shinjirou Taiga will return as the main character, but it seems likely; Ichirou Ohgami pretty much passed the torch to him at the beginning of the fifth game.

I don’t understand why they chose to move the series to the Wii; the last game they released was the less than stellar “Dramatic Dungeon” RPG for the DS.  When I think of random dungeon crawlers, I don’t think that what they need is more dancing girls and singing and steam powered armor (well, that last one could be good; maybe someone should get Blizzard to put a steampunk robot pilot in Diablo III as the final playable class).

The battle system in Valkyria Chronicles was an improved version of the battle system (complete with bizarre English-language acronyms) used in the Sakura Taisen games; I would think that SEGA’s experience on the PS3 (and the awesome art style from Valkyria Chronicles) would lend itself well to the next installment of the Sakura Taisen series.  Sakura Taisen V: Farewell, My Love originally came out on the PS2; I imagine the main reason they are putting it out on the Wii is because of the large install base relative to the PS3.  Increasing potential sales is probably more important than making their rabid fanbase happy.

On the other hand, this might be part of a nefarious Bamco-esque plot to sell the same game multiple times; they did that with Tales of Vesperia (originally for the 360 and then rereleased with added content on the PS3) and are doing it again with Tales of Graces (originally for the Wii and soon to be rereleased on the PS3 with additional content as well).  SEGA probably needs all the money they can get; they’re notoriously bad at making good business decisions, so selling the same game to the same people multiple times is a good way for them to pad their numbers.

I was sure I wasn’t going to get a Wii; if this is all true (and if no PS3 release is forthcoming), Sakura Taisen VI will be the game that gets me to buy one (damn you, SEGA!).


At the original source, the image is billed as a コラ (kora, short for collage), indicating it was photoshopped.  I imagine someone threw this together when Ohji Hiroi hinted at an upcoming announcement last week.  For now we’ll just have to assume this is a hoax, and see what the announcement actually is when he makes it (but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a new game (not on the Wii; maybe the PS3)).

Sorry to get your hopes up!


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