I guess “Dog bites man” was taken

by wfgodbold

Because “Genetic excuse for obesity is myth: Fat gene can be beaten… in the gym” has got to be the most obviously true (and non-newsworthy) headline I’ve seen in quite some time.  They could even do a follow up article sometime talking about how eating less also helps you beat the fat gene!

In fact, if it were turned into a three-part series, the final article could be about how exercising more and eating less is the best way to lose weight scientists have yet discovered!

The problem isn’t that people don’t know that exercise is good and eating too much is bad; the problem is that we’re all lazy!  Exercise is hard, eating healthily is hard, and sitting in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream, a plate of bacon, and a 2 liter bottle of Coke is easy.

If you want to lose weight, you have to decide to do it on your own; you have to stick to the decision, even when you really want to eat some cake on your birthday, and you have to exercise when you’re tired and just want to sit around and take it easy.

You can’t just go to the gym once a week, eat healthy meals half the time and gorge at The Cheesecake Factory or Outback Steakhouse the rest of the time and expect to lose weight; that’s how you gained all the weight in the first place!

I played football in high school; after high school, I kept eating like I did when I was exercising all the time, but I didn’t exercise hardly at all.  Ten years later, I was 325 lbs (about 125 lbs heavier than I’d been in high school) and miserable most of the time (which didn’t help anything, since I would eat to feel better, and it would just make things worse).

Then last November, I decided that I was sick of being fat.  My family and friends had badgered me about my weight before, but I didn’t listen; I had to decide for myself that I had had enough, and work to change my lifestyle so that I would lose weight and feel better about myself.

I’m down to 219 lbs now (ten months later); I’m still not happy with where I am (my goal weight is ~175 lbs), but I’m far happier than I was last year (I have more energy, too, and can buy clothes off the rack instead of having to find big & tall clothes).  I’ve lost ten inches off my waist, and I’m wearing XL shirts instead of 3XL.

Thanks to Power 90 and the Couch-to-5k program, I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since high school (except for maybe a few months while studying in Japan when I biked everywhere, but that didn’t last after I returned to the US).  There were days I didn’t want to exercise (some days I really didn’t want to), but I still forced myself to work out six days a week.  No one else can make you do it; you have to make yourself.  I’m going to continue using the second Power 90 disc for the foreseeable future, and I’ll start running again next week (I’m taking a week off to celebrate finishing the Couch-to-5k program).

It hasn’t been easy; every day I have to fight against myself, to make sure I eat what I’m supposed to and not what I want to, to make sure I exercise instead of slack off, and it has slowly been paying off.  Even after I get to my goal weight, I’ll have to stay vigilant; it will be easy to fall back into my old ways, and while the food tastes good at the time, and watching the TV is easier than running for half an hour, I’ve been down that road before, and I don’t much care for where it leads.

H/T Hot Air

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