So there’s been another explosion in the Gulf of Mexico

by wfgodbold

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something in the water down there (besides oil, that is).  The workers are all fine, and the Coast Guard says that there isn’t a sheen of oil spreading like an evil amoeba over the surface of the waters.

I’m curious as to what caused the explosion; the rigs have presumably operated in the gulf for years, and yet two unrelated platforms fail explosively in a six month period?

This platform was in shallow water, so even if there is a leak as bad as the Deepwater Horizon platform had, it should be repaired and stopped up in short order; 400′ of water is easier to work in than 5000′.

And because I forgot to mention it when I first read it over at Random Nuclear Strikes, here’s a description of how much oil was spilt into the gulf in the first oil spill of the year (and keep in mind that if any spills out of this one, it will be far less, due to ease of shutting down the shallow water drilling operation).

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