The sky is falling!

by wfgodbold

And CNN claims that this is proof we need a better asteroid monitoring system; unless we’re going to attempt some hare-brained scheme straight out of a Michael Bay film (which we can’t do now anyway, since we abolished the space shuttle program), there isn’t really anything we can do to stop an asteroid except pray at it (we could nuke it, but there is some disagreement on whether it would work (assuming we have any nukes left after disarming).

I don’t really understand the argument against nuking asteroids on a collision course with earth; if they hit, pretty much everything will die (it’s happened before (probably)!), so we don’t lose anything by trying.

The roaches will still be here if we get hit by one big asteroid, a bunch of small radioactive asteroids chunks, or don’t get hit at all.

If we were serious about protecting the earth from falling rocks, we’d do more than wring our hands about near misses; hand wringing is all we ever get, though.


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