A virus?

by wfgodbold

Since when is eating too much a virus?

I didn’t end up 150 lbs overweight (yeah, it was bad) because of a damn virus; I got that way cause I ate big meals, and fattening snacks, and I ate all the time.  If I was bored, I was snacking on chips or pretzels or cookies, and I’d do the same watching TV or playing video games.  I drank so much soda that I was practically mainlining high fructose corn syrup.

I’d go to Outback Steakhouse and order the cheese fries AND and an entree, and eat all of both, all by myself.  I ate because I was miserable (and cause let’s face it, those cheese fries are delicious), and I was miserable cause I was fat.

It’s not someone else’s fault that you’re fat; you have to take responsibility for your own choices, and face facts.  If you’re fat, in most cases it’s entirely your own damn fault.  Eat less, drink more water (and less soda and beer), exercise more (even if it’s just walking).  Don’t eat while doing other things; if you start munching on food while watching TV or a movie, you won’t pay attention to how much you’re eating, and before you know it, an entire bag of chips will be gone.

Just a little bit of willpower will get you started, and once you’ve started losing weight, it’s easy to keep motivated; after all, if you can lose a little bit of weight, you can keep it up for longer and lose even more!


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