Back on Medifast

by wfgodbold

After a four-month stint on the Atkins diet, I’ve gone back to Medifast (mostly to try to get past the plateau I’ve been stuck at for the past month).  I made the switch last Wednesday, so tomorrow we’ll see how effective it’s been (if it’s anything like the first week I was on Medifast last November, I’ll lose a big chunk of weight and the rate of weight loss will slowly decline as time goes on).

The hunger in between the smaller meals hasn’t been too bad (I’ve been chewing a lot of sugar free gum); I’m sure once I get used to it again it will be fine (I was on it for the six months from November to May).

I’ll stay on it at least until the second week in November; that will be the one year anniversary of when I first started the diet (I couldn’t stand being fat any more, and was determined to change).

The longer I stick on the diet, the closer I get to my target weight; I just have to keep my eye on the prize and not get distracted by all the delicious food I’ve been avoiding for the past 10 months.


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