How is this a good idea?

by wfgodbold

Really?  You thought putting the UN in charge of first contact with aliens would be a good idea?  Why anyone would put someone selected by that august body in charge of anything more important than robbing third world governments blind is beyond me.

Are we supposed to impress the aliens with our noblesse oblige (after all, why should the superpowers be the ones to meet with the aliens?  They’d probably just set up exclusive trade agreements that more effectively enabled exploiting the third world!), or hope that the utter incompetence exhibited by the UN convinces them that we’re not a threat to their galactic hegemony, and should therefore be left alone?

It’s well known that the UN is a hive of scum and villainy, more wretched even than that dreaded spaceport Mos Eisley; serial human rights violators are on human rights councils, bureaucrats steal from the budget, and everything bad is laid at either the feet of the US or Israel (or both at once!).

I don’t much care for the UN (shocking, I know); the main advantage I can see to letting them keep their offices in NYC is that it keeps them right here, under adult supervision.  I am curious, though; if the US withdrew, would they have to relocate?


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