I’ve put it through its paces

by wfgodbold

And after 5500 rounds (easy to remember; it’s 10 boxes of Federal bulk pack from Walmart!), I think it’s time to clean my P226 classic 22.  It’s performed flawlessly; any failures to fire (and there haven’t been many; maybe a handful or so per box of ammunition) are most likely due to the ammo than the gun.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t need to clean it; I’ve been running a bore snake through the barrel every hundred or so rounds, but after 5500 (and rimfire is notoriously dirty), there’s a good bit of build-up in the gun that needs to be cleaned out.  Fortunately the internet won’t let me down!  I’ve found several videos on youtube that should help me clean and reassemble the gun.

Shooting that much rimfire has also saved me a ton of money; ten boxes of Federal bulk pack runs ~$150 plus tax; an equivalent number of rounds in .380 ACP would cost ~$1650.  Even after subtracting what I paid for the P226 and extra magazines, and the rimfire ammo, I’m still almost $900 ahead!

I’m going to fill out the coupon that came with the gun and send it off this coming week; I’ve decided that the little 380 I’ve been carrying (and to be honest, it’s not really that little, either) isn’t enough, and the rimfire practice would carry over better to a full-size caliber on the same frame.  I’m leaning heavily towards sending off for the 9mm conversion (mostly cause the magazines can carry 18 rounds), but I may decide on the .40 S&W conversion instead.  The .357 Sig option is right out; while I’ve read good things about that caliber, the ammunition available is all more expensive even than .380.

Once that comes in, I’ll get some ammunition and get comfortable shooting it, and then order some carry gear from Comp-Tac; they get good reviews for all their gear.  I’ll order a gun belt (reinforced with Kydex and a size smaller than they recommend; I’ve been needing a new belt anyway, and this way I’ll be sure it will last longer than if I order one that’s the right size for me right now), a magazine and flashlight pouch (my pockets are getting pretty damn full, what with two spare .380 magazines, a flashlight, and all the other crap I carry around in them), and an IWB Minotaur holster.

I haven’t had any issues carrying the .380 IWB, but I prefer Comp-Tac’s clip options to Supertuck’s (which is the brand I currently use).

What I really need to get is a dedicated .22 upper for my AR-15; I haven’t shot it as much as I’d like, and the cost of good ammo is still high (reloading is supposed to be easy, but I’m not quite comfortable doing that in an apartment, or without anyone to teach me WTF I’m doing).

In other news, I’ve been seeking help for my addiction to parentheses (but it hasn’t been too effective (and a damn good thing, too; they say the next step is supposed to cure semi-colon addiction as well, and semi-colons are the greatest punctuation mark yet conceived!)).


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