The 3DS is official

by wfgodbold

And Nintendo is charging an arm and a leg for it.  I’m particularly interested in the Tales of the Abyss port; on a cartridge based system it shouldn’t be plagued by the long load times that made the PS2 version nigh unplayable.

Hopefully the 3DS will be region free; I’m not optimistic, though, since the DSi was region locked, and it was Nintendo’s most recent console release.  Especially with the yen as high against the dollar as it is now, releasing a region free handheld would just mean that a bunch of Japanese customers would buy the (relatively) cheaper American release instead of the domestic (and expensive) version.

The reverse import problem has plagued the anime industry as well; why should Japanese fans pay Y7000-8000 for a disc with two episodes on it when they could just import the American release (which still has Japanese audio) and pay less than that for half (or the entire) series?

I imagine sales of the 3DS won’t really take off until people have a chance to try out the display model in stores; you can tell people it’s in 3D all you want, but gameplay videos and trailers and ads online don’t get the point across as well as actually experiencing 3D sans glasses in real life will.

Once the public has had that, it might be hard to get them to put up with the annoying glasses that movies have been foisting on moviegoers recently.


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